Our team & collaborators

Malte Beringer, PhD
Malte holds a PhD in Biochemistry and has more than 15 years of professional experience in the molecular life sciences. During his successful career as a researcher in top-class laboratories at the University of Witten/Herdecke (Germany), The Wistar Institute,Philadelphia (USA) and at the CRG, Barcelona (Spain), he gained extensive hands-on experience in scientific writing and grant writing.

As a grant consultant, he applies this expertise to support individual scientists and institutions prepare competitive grant proposals. Since 2018, he has been focusing on the most prestigious of all European funding schemes, the European Research Council (ERC), while also supporting collaborative proposals within the H2020/HEurope and national funding programmes. Among his clients are world renowned scientists working at Max-Planck Institute (Germany), CNIO (Spain), CNIC (Spain), CNRS (France), HiTS (Germany), IMDEA Nanociencia (Spain), IRB (Spain) The Arctic University/EMBL Nordic Partnership (Norway) among many others, and he has consulted clients from Belgium, Germany, Norway, Spain, UK and the US.

Prof Hans-Joachim Lipps, PhD
In memoriam: Hans-Joachim Lipps, 1945- 2023

Hans-Joachim Lipps is Professor Emeritus of Cell Biology at the University of Witten/Herdecke (Germany), with previous positions in Tübingen (Germany), Edinburgh (UK), Cambridge (UK), Rome (Italy) and Boulder (CO, USA). Research and discoveries made in his lab have resulted in more than 130 peer-reviewed publications in international biomedical journals. Moreover, many of his PhD students and postdocs have established their own independent research groups.

Hans knows all the do’s and don’ts of successful grant preparation. Over many years, he continuously succeeded in attracting funds from various competitive sources (EU, NSF, DFG, BMBF, ESF). Additionally, he is a frequent reviewer for all major scientific journals and has worked as a grant reviewer for many funding agencies, such as DFG, EU, NSF, ERC and others.

At sciencepoint.eu, our clients now benefit from his accumulated experience to develop scientifically outstanding proposals and research strategies that meet reviewers’ expectations.

Iris Joval
Iris is the artist in our team. She studied Biology and worked in research labs at Cornell University (New York, USA) and at the CRG (Barcelona, Spain). Her enthusiasm for illustrative arts and graphical work led her to start a parallel career as a Scientific Illustrator, and she graduated from the Massana School of Art and Design (Barcelona).

For more than ten years, Iris has been designing high-quality figures for scientific documents of any kind, graphical abstracts or presentations. Her illustrations made it to the cover page of Cell, Nature, Cell Stem Cell, Molecular Cell, Nature Cell Biology and many other prestigious journals. Combining proper representation of biological concepts and attention to detail, her works will help you transmit important information in an efficient and aesthetic way. You can see examples of Iris’ illustrations at her personal webpage irisjoval.com.

Sara Ojanguren
Sara adds formation in design and experience in project management to our team. An architect by education (Polytechnical University Madrid, 2006), she has worked in such diverse fields as graphic design, 3D engineering, retail, interior design, and construction. She has a profound theoretical and practical knowledge on human perception, and masters the technical means how to truthfully transmit information and catch attention in visual graphics.

Always working closely with the client, she generates visually appealing yet simple graphics for scientific publications, presentations and web pages. At sciencepoint.eu, she also develops strategies and material to convey complex scientific information for educational or dissemination purposes. Furthermore, she provides consultancy on generating a consistent and attractive image for your project, your lab or your institution.