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The ERC Interview

  • Navigating the challenges of an ERC interview presentation can be daunting, particularly because of the strictly enforced time constraints that lie between 3 min – 12 min. We have observed that many candidates strive to cover every facet of their project. However, the key lies in strategically focusing on the most important elements of your project. In this article, we share our insights and recommendations to help you prepare an effective presentation.

  • Getting ready for the Q&A session of an ERC grant interview requires comprehensive preparation that extends beyond your pure scientific expertise. In this article, we share our insights to help candidates effectively prepare for this crucial part of the interview. Among others, we emphasise the importance of practising concise and to-the-point answers.

The Pre-Writing Stage

  • When I work with ERC grant applicants, one of my initial consultation steps involves discussing the selection of the appropriate evaluation panel. Therefore, if you are planning to apply for an ERC single-PI grant, read our latest article in which we highlight the importance of panel and keyword selection, and provide a strategic guide to aid you in making these crucial decisions