Pre-award services for grant applications

Help in preparing your next grant application – including ERC and H2020 collaborative proposals

 Initial grant preparation

  • Search for funding sources worldwide

  • Consortium design and identification of collaboration partners

  • Define aims and objectives of your research project

  • Grant writing services

  • Call-specific content development

Elaboration of implementation plans

  • Work packages

  • Deliverables and milestones

  • Timings and budget

  • Risks and contingency measures

  • Develop a data management plan

  • Develop communication and dissemination plan

Steering during proposal preparation

  • Project management services during preparation phase

  • Retro-timing and delegation of tasks

  • Help in getting paperwork and documents done

  • Final submission checklist

Scientific editing

Improving the quality of your grant application or manuscript

Critical scientific review at advanced draft stage, providing constructive feedback on:

  • Structure of your proposal

  • Hypothesis and line of arguments

  • Special focus on Impact and Implementation sections (H2020 proposals)

  • Optimal representation of your achievements and CV

  • Consistency check

  • Any other call-specific evaluation criteria

Language edit at near-final stage

  • Spelling and grammar

  • Style and simplicity

  • Formatting and length check

  • Help with bibliography and Endnote library

  • Translation services (English, German, Spanish, Catalan)

Scientific illustration

Graphical representation of scientific content

  • Preparation and edit of illustrations and figures

  • Graphical abstracts

  • Cover design

  • Material for dissemination and education

  • Corporate design for scientific networks and institutions

Grant Editing. YOUR EXTERNAL PRE-AWARD GRANTS OFFICE. Proposal development, scientific editing and consulting services in the life sciences

Project design and career counselling

Consultancy on the why, what and how of your research project

Strategic design of research projects

  • Your overall goal in research

  • Identify opportunities for interdisciplinarity and internationalization

  • Develop a project management approach to your research

  • Output measures and quality control

Interview and presentation skills

  • Master the impact of your research

  • Preparation for 2nd-stage grant interviews (ERC, LaCaixa Health Research)

  • Chalk talk rehearsals as preparation for academic job interviews

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