Previous clients

Prof Frauke Gräter, PhD

Heidelberg (Germany)

Wow, many thanks to you! Your help and support was great. Not only with respect to scientific content and technical support, but also mentally – preparing the proposal together with you saved me a lot of stress!


RADICOL  – Mechanoradicals in Collagen.
Awarded with ERC-2020-CoG

Alejo Rodriguez-Fraticelli PhD

Your comments are absolutely amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a good and careful review of pretty much anything I’ve ever written. I’ll be sure to talk to my colleagues about your exceptional service.


MemOriStemOrigins and Consequences of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Memories.
Awarded with ERC-2021-StG

The wonderful collaborative effort with Sciencepoint was transformative for my grant application through constructive structural changes that I believe made a complex project much easier to understand. Many thanks!!


ONCO-COMPOncogenic competence duringdevelopment When, Where and Why?
Awarded with ERC-2022-StG

Working with Malte through this “ERC writing journey” has been really helpful. I’ve learnt a lot and I think he has helped me to grow as a scientist. My grant writing skills have improved considerably!

Working with Malte I felt that he really cared about my proposal. He provided both general and detailed feedback at different stages of proposal development, we had clear intermediate deadlines and interacted in written and in online meetings. This was fundamental in the writing process, also in the context of other commitments we have, and allowed me to develop a totally new concept, refine it with multiple iterations integrating his feedback as well as feedback from colleagues. I am very thankful and can strongly recommend Sciencepoint and Malte as a consultant for ERC grant writing.

Institute Director, ERC Advanced Grantee

Madrid (Spain)

Great work! We will send the revised B1 and B2 by the end of next week […].

Dear Malte, thanks for the heads up! It is submitted. Thanks for your help, it has been a great experience […].

Got the ERC! Thanks for the good work and advice.


Prof Grzegorz Wegrzyn

University of Gdansk (Poland)

I am extremely satisfied with the help I received during preparation of my grant proposal. The service was really outstanding. Comments on drafts of my grant application and suggestions of changes were excellent, and allowed me to prepare a project which was significantly improved relative to the original draft. The communication with the advisor was also excellent, the contacts were very easy, and I got quick answers to all the questions I asked. Moreover, I received great advices not only on the grant proposal itself, but also on various technical points which are important when preparing applications for grants. Thank you very much! I will strongly recommend your company to any scientists interested in applying for advanced grants.

ERC-2021-AdG applicant (LS4)

I am fully satisfied with your work. You have done an excellent job and to be honest, I have been learning a lot. This experience will certainly serve me for other future grants and applications: many thanks again!

I will definitely keep you updated about the outcome of my proposal.

ERC-2021-CoG applicant (PE4)

Thank you so much. I have gone through your changes […], and they are spot on.

– I’m definitely going to send the best application that I can […] and I thank you very much for that. You helped me to organize my ideas and to face difficult issues, and eventually to feel proud of my life-long professional purpose […] So here is a very happy customer.

ERC-2021-StG applicant (LS7)

Thanks a million for this fabulous service! I am extremely grateful for the speedy and constructive review. I already feel that it will have a huge impact on my proposal and help me improve it.

– I perceived a very high level of professionalism in the constructive review that helped me improve my proposal.

Staff scientist, PhD

Bergen Hospital Trust (Norway)

I just want to say thank you for the advice and feedback you have provided through the last couple of weeks and I hope that I can contact you for future applications! […] I truly enjoyed the comments that I have received, not only technical or practical ones, but also scientific ones, and every single comment a lesson!

Luigi Aloia, PhD

UCL MRC LMCB (UK) have been extraordinarily helpful during the preparation of my applications and job interviews for a PI position.
They have provided me with guidance on how to strengthen my proposal and communicate my research and future plans.

ERC webinar participants

  • Very positive. I liked the “structure” proposal for the application.
  • Great insider tips!
  • I have learned a lot when and how to apply for an ERC.
  • They make it very clear and tips on organization were really good!

ERC webinar participants

  • It was a very well organized webinar with lots of detailed and useful information.
  • A great overview of the key elements for a competitive proposal!
  • So good. 
  • I learned many useful details about the ERC grant!


Max-Planck-Institute (Germany)

I got the Marie Curie fellowship! Thanks so much for all your hard work! I couldn’t have done it without you. I have attached the reports.

Gavin Lucas, PhD

ThePapermill, Barcelona (Spain)

I have worked with sciencepoint several times on large, demanding projects where we needed a lot of scientific experience, both for content and organisation of large international grant applications. Each time, he delivered top-quality service on time, and real peace of mind. Also, communicating with Malte was super easy, which is essential for keeping to strict deadlines. Can’t wait for my next project with!