Our clients

Prof Frauke Gräter, PhD

Heidelberg (Germany)

Wow, many thanks to you! Your help and support was great. Not only with respect to scientific content and technical support, but also mentally – preparing the proposal together with you saved me a lot of stress!

Luigi Aloia, PhD

The Gurdon Institute (UK)

Sciencepoint.eu have been extraordinarily helpful during the preparation of my applications and job interviews for a PI position.
They have provided me with guidance on how to strengthen my proposal and communicate my research and future plans.

Gavin Lucas, PhD

ThePapermill, Barcelona (Spain)

I have worked with Malte several times on large, demanding projects where we needed a lot of scientific experience, both for content and organisation of large international grant applications. Each time, he delivered top-quality service on time, and real peace of mind. Also, communicating with Malte was super easy, which is essential for keeping to strict deadlines. Can’t wait for my next project with sciencepoint.eu!